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This project is based on standard songs of the venezuelan folklore, folk songs like “Caballo Viejo” and “El Becerrito” of Simón Diaz, “Criollisima” of Luis Laguna or “Motivos” of Italo Pizzolante.
Those songs got through a process of transformation thanks to the fusion of different rhythmic elements as the venezuelan Merengue, the Bolero and the Gaita Zulina, with some asymmetric rhythms or just more free and open options, and the re-harmonization of those themes, trying to maintain the essence of the original compositions.
The instrumental formation of this project is composed by:
Oliver Pellet, Guitar, Malcolm Braff, Piano, David Brito, Double bass, Florian Haas, Drums, Juan Munguía, Trumpet, Niko Seibold, Saxophone and Edwin Sanz, Percussions.
With this project we are trying to let discover the beauty of venezuelan folklore how it is with a personal twist thanks to improvised music and the use of more contemporary arrangements.